Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Regime Change Iran

Gates of Vienna is devoted to exposing the uglier aspects of the Islamofascist takeover of large parts of the world, and more specifically and importantly its threat to the integrity of the United States. The Middle East is a cesspit, of course, but Eurabia is another growing Islamic threat. This very large, marauding elephant is an unpredictable, unsocialized and dangerous creature which the Continent gestated and now studiously ignores even as it metastasizes in its suburbs. The various governments' amazing feats of denial of their strange creation would be amusing, even of clinical interest, were the stakes not so serious. One could sit back and enjoy the spectacle of disintegration. Sort of. Admit it: there is a grim satisfaction like no other when you can mutter "I warned you." It's just not fun to say it to a vanished people.

But no matter. As life often does, rather than having you contemplate that mess, it presents several threads and weaves them magically into a tapestry... of sorts. A picture is emerging -- perhaps not one that would be up there with the Flemish tapestries -- nonetheless it takes several threads and makes sense of them. A picture is emerging. A picture of hope, even. Or, being American, it’s at least a possible scenario for doing something about the damned mutant elephant in the Middle East.

The first thread was an essay by Michael Ledeen. Reading it will not make you sanguine about our chances in this global terror war. Mr. Ledeen contends that we are drifting, that President Bush seems to be in the doldrums, at least where policy and personnel are concerned.
     Indeed, if you talk to military officers engaged in the GWOT, more often than not you will hear a lament, because that war has yet to be defined. Despite all of the president’s tough talk, despite the often extraordinary performance of our soldiers and some notable accomplishments by intelligence officers, the “enemy” remains vague, and we are mainly playing a sucker’s game of responding to attacks and helping those who help us on the ground, as in post-Fallujah Iraq. Our other main claim to fame in fighting terrorism, Afghanistan, is currently suffering from cynical neglect by us and our allies, and from considerable corruption, some of it our own.
The whole essay is worth your time; just be prepared to be depressed.

On the other hand… on the other hand…

…along comes this blog, Regime Change Iran.

Don’t you just love the blogosphere? There you are, frustrated with the way things are going, realizing a letter to your congressman is a puny waste of time, yet feeling too old and encumbered to climb aboard a camel and head out to right the wrongs you can see so clearly.

It was Chester in his email (which if you don’t get you should, as life is very short and very full. Also get Michael Yon’s so you can regain some respect for journalism and find out about the dirty job in Iraq) who announced a solution. Something we bloggers can do. Gratias, Chester.

RCI is starting a new campaign to publish as much news about Iran as possible in the weeks leading up to the Iranian election. Here's a blurb:
     Considering the actual, self-perpetuating center of power, it hardly matters who in the end is declared the winner of this race. On the other hand, there can be no question about the real loser of this contest. While Iranians are suffering from chronic unemployment, poverty, brain drain, an ever-increasing number of street children and widespread drug addiction, the nation's badly needed resources are squandered on yet another fake election. A strong consensus is emerging amongst Iranian political activists that boycotting this electoral travesty is the only honorable option left to the citizens. Many prominent leaders of the Iranian opposition, including Reza Pahlavi have invited their compatriots to stay away from the polls. Shunning the ballot box on election day could turn into a collective act of civil disobedience and a vote of no confidence against the whole regime.
Chester was right. This is a damn fine blog. They’ve got the latest information on unfolding events and what they mean. They can tell you why this election is so crucial... to us. They have news and pictures and explanations.

The election in Iran is the most important event since the fall of Baghdad.

Bookmark Regime Change in Iran.

Then add their button to your website.

Then send money. Give up, say, a few lattes.

Then pray.

Even the atheists should pray. It won’t hurt and it will give them something to do while waiting to see if the nukes land in Tel Aviv. And if you think the fallout from there can’t affect you, then you haven’t been paying attention.

That’s Regime Change in Iran. Be there.

As Ledeen would say (kind of), get a move on.


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