Monday, April 11, 2005

More on Bill Gates' Alleged Conversion to Islam

I found this at The Museum of Hoaxes:
    Has Bill Gates Converted To Islam?
I got an email asking me if it's true that Bill Gates has converted to Islam. Seems like an odd question, but doing a google search uncovers that this rumor has been going around. Over at the Ultimate Bill Gates site you can find lots of people asking if the rumor is true (scroll down to the comments section), and the Gates of Vienna site reports getting lots of search-engine traffic from people searching for the phrase 'Bill Gates converts to Islam'. I think I've found the source of the rumor. Over at, someone posted a screenshot of an arabic-language website that supposedly has a story about Bill Gates' Islamic conversion. I don't know any Arabic, so I can't tell what the screenshot says, but assuming that the text in the screenshot does describe Gates' new-found beliefs, it must be the source of the rumor. However, I have no idea where the screenshot itself came from. Oh, and to answer the original question: No, Bill Gates has not converted to Islam.
The image link is here.

Oh, and by the way: our traffic is through the roof due to this hoax, but this fact gives us no pleasure.


M. Simon said...

I'll see if I can siphon off some of this traffic.

Bill Gates Islam?