Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Building Parallel Structures

Bill Whittle has some interesting things to say in the wake of yesterday’s celebration of our Dear Leader. Some of it reminds me of what I emphasized in the “Shadow” series (unfinished; see links at the bottom of this post):

Posts in the “Shadow” series:

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Hat tip: DL


Mo Brown said...

The best advise you can give to Patriots is to become a prepper for the pending economic collapse. Look at the recent example from Hurricane Sandy. Preppers are taking care of their families & neighbors while the lemmings wait with empty stomachs and empty gas tanks. Go to a shooting range and become a better shooter, defender of your property in case the takers come for it. Stock up on food, water filtration, toilet paper, silver coins, ammo, etc.

Nemesis said...

Interesting and educational. Thank you Mr. Whittle, you have given me much food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Yes, prepare for the hyper inflation. Store food stuffs by the crate and all sorts of survial gear.

Get it done! Do not rest you can do that when you are dead and gone!

1389 said...

Linked here, with my comments:

Bill Whittle - and the Gods of the Copybook Headings