Thursday, November 22, 2012

“Nobody Was Talking About This”

The Sikh Awareness Society recently interviewed Andrew Norfolk, a British journalist for The Times, about the scope and depth of the “grooming” (better described as “Muslim gang-rape”) epidemic in the UK.

Mr. Norfolk’s account confirms what Paul Weston said in this space last night: the victimization of white native British girls by Muslim gangs is monstrous and despicable, and has been going on for a long time while the media and the government ignored it.

NOTE: Most of the time British media avoid referring to the ethnicity of these gang rapists. When forced to do so, they are called “Asians”.

The man who is interviewing Mr. Norfolk in this video is an Asian, but his ethnic group does not prey on 12-year-old white girls. As Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll have repeatedly pointed out, the Sikhs and the Buddhists and the Hindus are not the ones who groom these girls. Nor are the Chinese and the Japanese.

The vast majority of the perpetrators of these vile acts are Muslims, mostly ethnic Pakistanis.

These are facts, but don’t expect the British press to report them.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading these excerpts:

The complete interview is here.

7 comments: said...

In order to not appear racist, the media in the west and in the UK in particular, has chosen not to identify the group actually perpetrating the crimes, the Muslims, who are not a race, and instead refer to the perpetrators as 'Asians', which clearly are.

All the while justifying their lies and betrayal of the entire nation of England, its laws and values, with the excuse that it was to avoid feeding 'bad ideology X'.

This begs the question...

If hiding facts that are necessary to determine the best interests of the safety and future of an entire people and culture is thought of as the right thing to do, maybe they need a mirror to have a good look at 'BAD IDEOLOGY X'

Pascal said...

Given the crackdown on free speech in the UK, how is it possible that no one Asian or group has successfully sued the UK media for slandering Asians? Seems like PC rules are being violated. "By referring to Asians in order to avoid saying Muslim they are offending me." IOW, take a page out of the playbook of the Muslims and fight back.

Anonymous said...

Read Sue Reid's article in today's Daily Mail ("A feminist revolution that cruelly backfired - and a brutal lesson for Britain about telling the truth on sex gangs and race") is as fine an example of missing the point as I've seen for some time, and that's saying something!

Ms Reid, and investigative journalist, refers to the Moroccan and Turkish paedophile rape gangs operating in Holland and the Pakistani peadophile rape gangs operating in Britain, yet nowhere in her article does she mention the fact that both groups are made up of third world immigrant Muslims. Was that intentional or was it merely an example of her investigative skills?

My guess is that such gangs are operating wherever they have been encouraged (by traitorous politicians) to settle in Western lands.

We know for a fact about Holland and Britain, what about the rest of Europe? What have you Germans, French, Danish, Swedish et al got to say on the matter. Surely you must know something.

There is a cause in the making here - let's make it ours!


Anonymous said...

Typical Leftist behavior. They do the same here in the U.S. many papers and TV news shows won't show the perp's face.

This editorial decision comes from way up the line.

The main reason I suspect is to keep people believing multiculturalism works, rather than showing the abject failure it is. The FBI crime statistics just further illustrate it.

All the Left did was re-introduce tribalism into the West. And we all knows where that leads - bloodshed and lots of it.

Anonymous said...

A "Mohammed Coefficient" of 100%........ curious that such a heinous crime should be so coincidentally correlated with a particular demographic group......

Coincidence? I think NOT!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Pipes some years ago pulled the European crime statistics on Muslims committing crimes and it was astonishing.

In some European states Muslims account for 80% of the prisoners. Where ever they are they are shown to be prone to violence, scams and theft of various kinds.

But what did people expect when they imported millions of people from primitive, backward and violent cultures where women were treated like garbage, no work ethic, no form of Golden Rule, where basically it was Lord of the Flies writ large.

Anonymous said...

Consider these decisions made recently by the same British (left-wing run) local authority:

1. Rotherham Social Services Department ignored evidence of the abuse of vulnerable children in its care by Muslim paedophile rape gangs.

2. Rotherham Social Services Department removed children from the care of foster parents because it disagreed with their membership of UKIP, a perfectly legal and above board political party but whose stance on multiculturalism the Department opposes.

And these people have the gall to talk about 'promoting equality' and the 'strength of diversity'.