Friday, August 05, 2011

Fjordman and Fairness? A Sick Joke…


Dr. Andrew Bostom writes:

Today my colleague, the perspicacious Norwegian essayist Fjordman (whose prolific writings can be read here), was compelled to surrender his anonymity after reluctantly granting an interview to Verdens Gang (published in English, here).

An hysterical, morally cretinous press and blogosphere — Norwegian, other European, and American — which had initially accused Fjordman, falsely and recklessly, of being the Breivik mass murderer, continues to persist that he was Breivik’s “main inspiration,” a charge akin to accusing the Beatles of “inspiring” Charles Manson, or Jody Foster “inspiring” John Hinckley.

Even the relatively fair and staid Verdens Gang interview labels the apolitical Fjordman as “far right.” When reading the interview, consider that the ongoing major “accusation” against Fjordman is that his reasoned critique of cultural relativism — echoed by mainstream Western European leaders Sarkozy, Cameron, and Merkel — “precipitated” the murderous insanity of Breivik. This is another absurd and slanderous allegation…

“Absurd and slanderous”? Indeed.

Maybe now that the far left extremist government mouthpiece press in Norway and Sweden will leave us alone. They have their scapegoat, even as they twist his story…

Read the rest of Dr. Bostom’s essay here.