Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Offending Watercolor

Here’s the watercolor by Kurt Westergaard that was refused by the Lauritz auction house out of fear that the artist’s name would spark violence and endanger its employees. Steen shot this photo from the TV screen during a Danish news program:

Westergaard watercolor

The painting doesn’t look terribly dangerous to me. Maybe a little racy for the followers of the Prophet, but no depictions of Mohammed as far as I can tell.

Photo ©Snaphanen

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babs said...

I haven't been on this site for quite some time but I have to say that my heart went out for Mr. Westergaard when he was attacked. This whole situation is out of control...
Thank God for the safe room he was able to run to.
I think Mr. Westergaard can pretty much forget about having his art work displayed. He is a huge lightening rod in a society that is too frightened to stand up for their fellow citizens.

K'thardin said...

Is that pink and blue thing a Migo, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

It has a naked woman on it and its style is distinctly reminiscent of Chagall, a Jew.

Of course it is inflamatory and racist.


Heard on the Danish Radio P1 21th Jan 00:22
The stigmatizing of Westergaard continues - also his female hair-cutter will not any longer cut his hair, because she thinks it is to dangerous to her. Lucky him that lives in a house of his own.