Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Solve It

This Yahoo photo isn’t the first one of the demo that I’ve seen (more to come), but it’s the most eloquent.

It comes with its own caption: Solvit — Solving Your Problems.


Do you have a problem with dissent? Try the EU method!

Handcuffed. Gagged. Arrested.

Problem solved!

Hat tip: Christine at CVF.

[No more on this one]


KGS said...

We have met the enemy, and it is us.

falcon_01 said...

Indeed! Look how the government solves it by beating peaceful protestors!

Far easier for the politicians and corrupt cops to cave to islam than to do anything to stop it.

Devilfish said...

Video footage from the Vlaams Belang website! Click on the tv icon too see it.


KyleS. said...


You and I had the same thought, although my comment at CVF got swallowed by the spam filter.
Looks like SOLVIT (nice newspeak style name btw) has an omnibudsman type roll, for reporting complaints about public authorities. Maybe they should hear from some free europeans about this behavior?

Lou Minatti said...

This picture is amazing. I have never seen an image that sums up Europe's future as clearly as this.

Europeans shouldn't see these things, so move along and let the nice young men in their tidy blue uniforms remove this little problem.

Profitsbeard said...

Those who do not remember the past [censoredcensoredcensoredcensored] it.