Monday, June 18, 2012

The EDL Come to Walthamstow

Our English correspondent SS has sent an account of the warm welcome awaiting the English Defence League when it stages its planned march in Walthamstow on August 18. The author includes this note about additional UAF video material that may interest our readers:

There are also three Youtube videos of the We are Waltham Forest meeting. But please remember to have a sick-bag ready!

The one of the local Church of England representative is particularly excruciating — notice how he virtually apologises for being English.

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The EDL Come to Walthamstow
by SS

The English Defence League has organised a march on 18 August 2012 in Walthamstow.

Back on 17 May The Waltham Forest Guardian, the local paper, reported that the EDL march was to take place. But, rather than a report, it reads more like a prediction of trouble.

A notable irony is contained in a comment from the spokesman [ooh, shouldn’t that be ‘spokesperson’?] for the WF Trades Council: “There is no other reason that this organisation should come to Waltham Forest other than to seek to divide our multicultural community…” If it is ‘multicultural’ then it is already ‘divided’, is it not?

Opposition to the EDL march is already being organised. The prime mover here is an organisation calling itself ‘We Are Waltham Forest Against the English Defence League’ (WAWFAEDL). I know very little about them, but from the style of their poster I strongly suspect Socialist Workers Party (as in ‘SWP, SWP: sons and daughters of the bourgeoisie’) involvement.

They say, “The We are Waltham Forest campaign was set up by Waltham Forest residents and activists as a response to the announcement by the English Defence League that they are planning a march in Walthamstow on 18 August this year. The campaign was launched to defend multicultural Walthamstow from this attack by racist and fascist thugs.”

WAWFAEDL held a meeting on 12 June, with speakers including the cringe-worthy (just see the video) local Dean of the Church of England, who seems to spend so much of his time ‘Celebrating’ multi-faith-culture-ethnic that one wonders when he has time to attend to pastoral duties. Also speaking was the disgraced former SWP national secretary Martin Smith of Unite Against Fascism, and the self-described ‘activist and poet’ Zita Holbourne from Black Activists Rising Against The Cuts (BARAC) — which she co-chairs with professional parasite Lee Jasper.

Smith has ‘history’ having to resign as the SWP’s national secretary following allegations of sexual harassment of a female colleague (which must give him brownie points with the Umma), and he has also been found guilty of assaulting a police officer.

Holbourne is a member of the national executive of the Public and Commercial Services Union.

WAWFAEDL also plans to hold an alternative ‘We Are Waltham Forest’ event on the same day as the EDL march, designed to celebrate (of course!) the borough’s multiculturalism.

A local blogger has passed comment on the situation.

The irony here is that these ‘anti fascists’ organised no such opposition when North London’s own celebrity jihadist Anjem Choudary organised a Muslims Against Crusades march through Waltham Forest. But then, fascism, violence against women, gays and Jews is OK when practised by members of the ‘oppressed’.


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