Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Multicultural Paradise

Swedish postage stampOur Swedish correspondent LN tipped me to this postage stamp, which currently has the value SEK 5.50, the Swedish equivalent of our first class postage. As you can see, it depicts the idyllic multicultural landscape that every Nordic heart yearns for.

LN sent his own acerbic caption for the stamp:

A multicultural picnic at a Swedish summer lake — an example of insidious state-initiated manipulation of public opinion.

And indeed it is. Look at the two women in full abaya, and next to them the non-Muslim madonna and child. There’s also an alarming moose splashing towards them from the other side of the lake, churning up little golden balls from the water. Perhaps they are the golden orbs of diversity? The jewels of cultural reconciliation?

Multiculturalism is a millenarian sect, one which looks forward to the perfect world to come, the PC equivalent of the lion reclining with the lamb whilst beating his Uzi into a salad fork. It’s the world we’d all love to see, the stuff of dreams, but not something to be realized this side of the grave.

In brute reality, those fully veiled women are not going to coexist with the infidel whore and her little haram brat. One way or another, the kufar woman will don the hijab, or pay the jizyah. In any case, this little dejeuner-sur-l’herbe with its moose-watching sideshow will never happen.

And, outside of the most rarefied cloisters of postmodern academia, no one really believes that it will. In that sense it’s a lot like Marxist doctrine. The entire monstrous Soviet apparatus was based on Marxist-Leninist orthodoxy, but nobody really believed it.
- - - - - - - - - -
Soviet dancingIt was broadcast on the radio, flashed on TV, and printed in newspapers and magazines. It was painted into giant Socialist Realism murals, carved in granite, and engraved in block Cyrillic on the friezes of government ministries. It was taught to schoolchildren, printed up in multi-volume books, and exported all over the world in multimedia propaganda.

Yet, after about 1937, nobody inside the Soviet Union really believed it.

The useful idiots in Berkeley and on the Rive Gauche still clutch it to their throbbing hearts, but no one who has experienced the full practicum of socialism can retain any faith in it.

And so it is with multiculturalism. In the modern university, the more radical professors may believe the peculiar canons of the faith. Most, however, are like Ward Churchill, cynical exploiters of the opportune moment, or simply echoing the doctrine of the day because that’s what everybody does. The students know how to memorize the creed and recite the catechism of the true religion, because they’re well aware of the consequences of the failure to fall into line.

The Soviet Union taught us that an edifice built entirely upon the Big Lie cannot stand for long. The only question is which way the pillars will topple, and who will be crushed by the rubble.

     Until we stand tongueless in Gaza,
     bereft of all our syllables, we needs must know
     that into the garden with the Word crept the Lie,
     and wrapped his sinuous coils
     around that eternal tree.


Harrison said...

Multiculturalism - another tenet of the Transnational Progressivist ideology that threatens to bring to its heels government, society and its values for the pretentious sake of "noble" intent for "equality" for all.

Note the women with their backs faced towards us, and that their faces are not revealed in the picture. I bet the Muslim lobby had something to do with that - they must have promised to create a ruckus if Muslim women's faces were exposed as well.

Moose of Multiculturalism - a harbinger of the dark, malevolent intentions of those who seek to exploit it to subvert humanity to its nihilistic whims?

Profitsbeard said...

Love that Moose!

What's the Arabic for "Potemkin Village"?

This is the Swedish equivalent of the stealth Muslo-honoring "EID" stamp which was slipped into the Christams holiday season franking options a few years ago by the multiculturally-pandering U.S. postal service.

I wish someone with a little photoshop time would alter the script on a parody of that stamp to "IED", instead, since those letters are more representative of what the West's contact with Islam has come to signify.

The lion may lie down with the lamb, but only one of them is going to rise.

(A little thicker around the midsection.)

Captain USpace said...

This is indeed disturbing, but I don't think the Muzzies asked for a appeasement in the form of a postaqe stamp. I think it was probably either a gov't attempt at kissing Islamic butts, or maybe a way to both kiss butt AND slip a 'WAKE UP!' message to the native Swedish population.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves

respect other cultures
trying to destroy yours

robert in england said...

" I didn't expect the Moose of Multiculturalism"
"NOBODY expects the Moose of Multiculturalism"

Channeling Monty Python over here.

X said...

The entire monstrous Soviet apparatus was based on Marxist-Leninist orthodoxy, but nobody really believed it.

It's true. Shortly before the start of world war 2 there were a few defections from the soviet union to nazi germany by socialist "purists" who were appalled at Stalin's tolerance of small-scale free market activity within moscow, a phenomenon that was becoming almost completely unheard of in Nazi germany at that point.

Exile said...

State propagandist idiocy. Do they really believe this is going to happen?
Collectors, get this stamp before the shooting starts. It's going to be a rare one.

Morgenholz said...

The moose appears to be in range. Where's Lars with the .338 in this picture?

svenskamerikan said...

I have to agree. It does appear to be an angry moose.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

And, outside of the most rarefied cloisters of postmodern academia, no one really believes that it will.

I disagree. The real Gramscian kulturmarxists in academia know it will not work. They push it deliberately in order to destroy western society (which they believe is inherantly evil). There is however a whole bunch of wishfull thinking "progressive" types who really believe the BS however. Think DailyKos.

Sadly, the go along to get along bureaucrats compete in being more "establishment" than each other to get ahead. When that establishment is a multicultural one (PC stamp of approval), this sort of crap stamp is the result.

The same phenom can be seen with immigration non-enforcement, border control non-enforcement, gay rights, womyns issues. Similar events occurred in the USSR, where petty bureacrats demanded references to Leninism in every university dissertation, whether it made sense or no (like in biology).

History Snark said...

It always reminds me of the quote, possibly from Orwell, about the ideas that "only an intellectual would believe, because nobody else would be that naive."

I don't know anything about Sweden's multi-culti battle other than what I've read here, but I would hope that if the Muslims tried to force this down the throat of the Government, word would have leaked out at least. Or perhaps not. The ways of the Dhimmi are dark to me.

Casper said...
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Casper said...

Notice these funny stamps with an "integration to Sweden" theme. Officiel Swedish Mail press photos from the release on 4 May 2006:

The one held by the boy to the right shows the map of Sweden. Children can be incredibly precise when it comes to depicting a concept! One can just imagine it being put on a letter abroad and inviting illiterates to Sweden. 10 kronor = 1.41 USD was (2006) the basic price for an international letter -- a bit expensive but they need to finance their generous, welcoming state somehow. :-)

Tex Swiss said...


insidious state-initiated manipulation of public opinion

could you sound just a little bit more crazy? I don't think so.

are you kkk members here? it's hard to distinguish your racist bigotry from theirs.

God forbid that we allow a multicultural society in such a country as the melting pot! Do you even realize that all of your ancestors came from different societies and cultures? Only 2 or 3 generations back - not very far in the past.

Really, all of your racism and hatred extend from one central place: your all-encompassing FEAR.

do you stay awake at night, clutching your piss-stained sheets, jumping at every sound, certain of your near-doom at the hand of the dirty brown muslims? it certainly appears to be the case.

unaha-closp said...

God forbid that we allow a multicultural society in such a country as the melting pot! Do you even realize that all of your ancestors came from different societies and cultures? Only 2 or 3 generations back - not very far in the past.

Yes. And we will kick and scream as much as it takes to stop you and your kind dragging us back into a society where modesty and demurness of women is expected. We do not want women to be less worthy than men. We do not want femine objectivication that has women painted as faceless swirls.

No one should have to live like that. It is inhuman oppression and must be fought.