Friday, August 11, 2006

Three More Egyptian Students in Custody

Two more Egyptian exchange students were arrested in Maryland, and one was arrested in Chicago at O’Hare airport. The last one is more interesting than the others, since he did not enter custody gently, and raised a stink at the airport:

Police arrested Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abou El Ela, 22, at O’Hare International Airport after he tried to check in for a Chicago-to-Montana flight using an invalid ticket marked for a New York departure, Chicago police said.

El Ela raised his voice and became unruly after an employee at a Delta ticket counter refused to let him exchange the ticket for a valid one, said Timothy J. Bolger, the Chicago police officer at the scene.

“He was loud and causing people to be alarmed,” Bolger said. The officer said El Ela calmed down when police arrived.

After federal officials confirmed El Ela was one of the students they were seeking, police turned him over to immigration agents, Chicago Police Superintendent Phil Cline said.

And the mandatory disclaimer, which we can all repeat verbatim in our sleep by now:

None of the students is considered a terrorism risk, and FBI officials stressed there are no ties between the Egyptians and the alleged terror plot broken up by British authorities.

Why is that so certain? How do they know that? What did they do, take the word of the CIA?

Here’s one possible explanation for the Egyptian youths’ truancy:

Relatives in Egypt explained the students’ failure to show up at Montana State by saying they probably wanted to find work in the United States.

“It must have been in his mind to stay where there are plenty of job opportunities,” said Ibrahim el-Dessouki, the father of a student arrested Wednesday in Minnesota. “You know how much a dollar is worth here in Egypt.”

We certainly do. We send - what is it? - two billion of them every year.


Sticky Notes said...

I updated the photos of the students to show who's been captured at STICKY NOTES

ZMalfoy said...

. . . they went to find work in . . .Dundalk? Ok, maybe. . .but there are a lot of interesting places very convenient to Dundalk. . .like say, The Aberdeen Proving Ground, amoung other places.

Nefarious isn't always violent, so forgive my skepticism concerning their "innocence."

Lao said...


I think we might all be surprised to find out how many "foreign students" never actually report to class.

This is the tip of the iceberg.

heroyalwhyness said...

Just how many of these "Young, Muslim, Males" arrive on our shores via temporary visas . . .only to disappear in the American landscape?

Glenn Beck's radio program had a caller mention that businesses on Hilton Head Island routinely recruit from this demographic. He stated it was not unusual for these recruits to be 'no shows'.

Very disturbing.

heroyalwhyness said...

Dymphna - check your e-mail.

NotClauswitz said...

One question, did he have a TracFone cell-phone?

CP said...


It would be interesting to know how many no-shows there are, as I'm sure it is a lot...which begs the question, why did they focus on these 11? 'Cause you know, "there's no threat"...and surely we don't allow "racial profiling"! (uh-huh)

oh, and baron,
I've never understood why we've given so much money to Egypt for so little return. Why do we pretend that the state-run press doesn't turn right around and call us dogs? I guess it's so we can create "a stable Middle East"...seems to have really worked out for us. Bottom line is our aid to Egypt is a bribe. We've required nothing and they've given us nothing in return. Its bad policy.

Exile said...

From the BBC and danish text TV, the attack to blow up those aircraft from Britain was scheduled for the 22nd of August.
Now, is it just me, or didn't that date get a mention from the Mad Jad when he was talking about giving a response to the IAEA or the UN security council or something?
And yes. There could very well be a connection between these "students" and the rest of it..
Puzzling.. deserves more thought.

Jhn1 said...

Hmm, looking for jobs in Chicago, Minnesota, and/or New Jersey while attending school in Montana. Any of those would make for an absolutely monstrous commute.

Jhn1 said...

Sorry, the story here says Maryland, not Minnesota. I do not know where I got the Minnesota from, must have been thinking they were linking up with Canadian jihadiis.

Scott said...

US schools run these 'access to the
US for third worlders' programs to
fill their dorms and fatten their
purses during the summer.

Come here for 6 weeks to 'study
English' or whatever, pay a couple
of thousand dollars to some nothing
schools registrar and then you can
vanish afterwards.

These schools should be required to
post a bond for their students that
ensures they depart at the end of
the schools program.

Always On Watch said...

These fellows have two excuses now? The first I heard was "We got lost." Now I hear "I'm looking for a job."

One big problem with that last excuse--student visas are quite specific that they are NOT work-permits.

mts said...


You were right the first time. The first ones were found in Minnesota and New Jersey.
The next batch were found in Baltimore (Maryland) and Chicago.