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The Malmö Experiment, Part 2

In a continuation of last week’s examination of cultural enrichment in Malmö, our Swedish correspondent PMP discusses the evolution of Eurabia in Sweden.

Malmö: Moderaterna
Members of Sweden’s ‘conservative’ party, ‘Moderaterna’, outside Malmö Islamic Center, lobbying for Muslim votes

The Malmö Experiment
Part II: Eurabian Occupation

by PMP

In my previous essay on Malmö I offered a general outline of how the city has turned into a failed multicultural experiment. I deliberately avoided issues about specific ethnic and religious groups, since this deserves a chapter all its own. So, having already established what is happening in Malmö and in the corridors of Swedish power, this essay will instead focus on the increasing presence of Islam in the city. It will look at how a largely Protestant Swedish city has turned into a ‘multicultural’ Arab and Muslim city, in which many immigrants oppose non-Muslims. It will show how a city, in the name of a specific agenda, has been made into something resembling a chaotic city in Iraq more than anything else. It will also address why this has been able to happen, and why this madness will continue.

Today Malmö is a relatively small city by international standards: roughly 300,000 people live there.

But what the extent of segregation and Islamic influence in the city is profound. 21st-century Malmö very much has a Muslim character. It is not the character of a liberal, open and multicultural city, as politicians claim. It is a city which is home to many immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, and therefore reflects some of the less Western traditions of these societies. Furthermore, the city has a strong sense of Muslim identity, as these groups are encouraged to be everything but quiet. They protest, march, engage in religious activities and demand changes in the original city. Malmö does indeed have a uniquely ‘rich’ Muslim community, as large numbers of people from places like Somalia and Iraq arrived there and other cities during the last couple of decades. Whilst the USA, for example, admitted a several hundred Iraqi refugees in 2007, Sweden took about 30,000.

This mass immigration is part of a larger agenda, which opened up Sweden to immigration in the 1970s and afterwards. Whilst earlier immigration had occurred, it was primarily from countries such as Finland — immigration which involved few problems or changes to Swedish society. Just as in Norway, however, large numbers of asylum-seekers from the Middle East and North Africa began to be admitted. For many of those who have been arriving to Sweden, Malmö has been a popular destination. There has been accommodation there available to immigrants, as the government developed urban mass accommodation areas as part of the so-called ‘million programme’. But many people also simply have their relatives there, and they want to move somewhere where they can continue their old lifestyle and speak their own language. In the area of Rosengård, for example, there are likely to be over two hundred languages spoken.

In the early half of the 20th century, Malmö’s population was predominantly Swedish. The population is now estimated at 25-30% Muslim. Of the other 70%, many of these are also not Swedes, but immigrants from all over the world. Some areas of the city, such as Rosengård, have from 0-10% Swedes living there. So if you, as a Swede, wants to try on how it is to be in a minority, Malmö is your best bet.

In Malmö there are many beautiful buildings which remind us of our religious identity. We have the Saint Peter Church, representing architecture from the year 1319. There have been other churches, such as the Catholic, also presenting themselves as part of the city’s artwork. Now, however, the new Sweden can boast additional buildings. In Malmö we have a big mosque, run by an organisation called the ‘Islamic Centre’. Visits to the church seem like a rare, dull and outdated activity. Malmö’s spiritual activity is instead found in its large mosque and in its prayer rooms where Muslims gather. One must realise, however, that much of the funding and support for these buildings has come from the Swedish government itself. Although there has been international funding for Malmö’s mosque, the City Council of Malmö essentially gave them the building and the lot where it stands in the 1980s. Similar examples may now be found in most populous Swedish cities.

The wind at their backs

The establishment of a Muslim community in Malmö has not only been about Muslims moving and settling there. It has been a political task, part of a multicultural agenda set in the 1970s. This agenda was born out of consistent debates from minority groups and leftists in the 1960s. These eventually took on an organised form, as some of these individuals utilised organisations and trade unions to pressure politicians to accept minority groups and increase immigration.

As the establishment was leftist in Sweden back then, these groups managed to pressure the government to start the Immigration Investigation (invandrarutredningen), in which it was concluded that Sweden should become a multicultural society. Sweden had previously had a policy of assimilation, but these events led to the creation of New Sweden, where minority groups would have wind in their backs to do everything but assimilate. This has meant that Sweden accepts large numbers of immigrants and funds their own national, ethnic and religious organisations with tax money.

The government has unofficially sanctioned a forceful Muslim establishment in Malmö and other places that cannot be criticised. In addition to religious groups, funding and political support has been extended to various other organisations, such as cultural ones, many of which have a Muslim identity. Should we be surprised that Malmö’s Somalis do not integrate, when we fund their own cultural and religious organisations, whilst not pressuring them to integrate into Swedish society? I think not.

Additionally, we are always told that the problems amongst Malmö’s Muslims is rooted in a structural segregation or non-integration which is the fault of the Swedes (but not of the politicians). But if one studies the very policies of the Swedish establishment, one realises how backward, false and non-integrative these have been.

Symptoms of a Eurabian City

If the statements above are true, they should be reflected in the various parts of life in Malmö. Logically, a minority that makes up as much as 30% of the population of a city changes and affects things around itself (I say minority, as many Muslims, identify themselves primarily as ‘Muslims’, rather than with their national groups). As Swedish politicians avoid criticising immigration and Islam like the plague, Malmö has pretty much been up for grabs to Muslims. Prayer rooms and mosques are an everyday sight now in Sweden at large, as an accommodation for the ‘new population’.

Mosques in Sweden have their own imams, who play an important role amongst Swedish Muslims. They are rarely criticised, and little is actually known about them. A recent, surprisingly critical documentary about ‘Swedish’ imams showed that the imams provide advice, moral and legal, more resembling Saudi teachings than those of Scandinavia. A team of reporters learned that it was acceptable to have several wives and for a husband to beat his wife — in Sweden. Whilst this actually caused an outcry amongst some ordinary people, the political response was lukewarm. The Minister of Integration, Erik Ullenhag, proposed a solution which was based on launching new Swedish education programmes for imams. Great.

In addition to an increasing number of mosques, there are so called ‘free schools’ in Sweden. These schools may have an alternative character, for example a religious one, to their studies. To accommodate for the country’s young Muslim population in the name of Multiculturalism, Sweden hosts an array of Muslim schools. It is difficult to determine the number of Muslim schools in Sweden at any given point. The reason is that they have been given chances to open up in various parts of Sweden, but they are constantly being shut down and re-opened. They have consistently failed to adhere to the requirements given to them, as they are supposed to follow a Swedish curriculum, and some of them have, fortunately, lacked funding.

Muslim schools have popped up in various cities, ranging from Malmö and Stockholm to smaller cities like Norrköping. Recently the Islamic Centre for Education, WAKF, was given a green light to open up an Islamic cultural centre in Malmö. Support was forthcoming from the local government in Malmö, and financial aid arrived from our dear friends in Qatar and Kuwait. The centre is supposed to host a Muslim school, a kindergarten and a prayer hall. In principle, it will enable as many Muslims as possible to avoid Swedish society as much as possible.

I see no reason why this will be stopped. We have already capitulated in the classroom. In Malmö, young students have rioted and set fire to schools, threatened teachers and shown that they are not interested in the educational system provided for them. Many schools now also face empty classrooms on days such as Ramadan. Swedish kids are beaten, robbed, refused to eat pork and are alone in their class during Ramadan, So in today’s Sweden, even a nine-year-old understands that something is wrong with this society. It is peculiar that elected politicians, with lifelong experience and education, simply cannot grasp this in any of their statements, discussions or debates. The reason is not, ‘brainwashing’, ‘ignorance’ or conviction in the spirit of Multiculturalism — It is just cowardice, political correctness and high treason against the Swedish people. If I could elect a group of honest and straightforward ten-year olds, whatever their political affiliation, right into the halls of power in Sweden, I would probably do it.

Other places which are also affected are public swimming houses. More and more of these now separate the sexes according to sharia. This is sometimes openly, or at other times more ‘elegantly’. A bathing house in Malmö, for example now offers ‘ladies’ nights’, which seem to be an appreciated addition to the city.

Evidence of a more ambitious type of Eurabianism is the Malmö-based radio show ‘The Persian Gulf’. This program propagandises for the regime in Tehran, and offers various activities for Muslims in Malmö and Sweden. Whilst right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis have a nearly non-existent voice in Swedish radio, the Persian Gulf radio has been sanctioned to air propaganda against Jews six days a week. It has also advocated against the rights of women and criticizes the democratic system. One question is why no politicians, feminists or Jewish representatives have fiercely protested against this phenomenon. The more important question is: what is a hostile, anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, Islamist propaganda radio station doing in Sweden?

The answer is easy: it is simply the voice of the forces occupying Sweden and Europe, sanctioned by our politicians. It is propagandising for everything our countries do not stand for, right under our noses — and we have retreated.

We Proudly March for Muhammad

If one follows established media in Sweden, one learns that there are certain types of demonstrations in Malmö. There are (rare) demonstrations by the Sweden Democrats, which we of course are told are expressions of racism and hatred toward the city’s population.

However, the media have completely missed what is perhaps the most obvious manifestations of Eurabian occupation altogether. There have been frequent demonstrations, celebrations and marches which have dominated the city. During these, the Muslim body in Malmö has flexed it muscles repeatedly, whilst we have to turn to YouTube and alternative media sites to even know these demonstrations have occurred in the first place.

In 2009 Sweden hosted the Davis Cup tennis match in which a player from Israel took part. It was not perhaps the best thing to do, but a pro-Israeli group held a manifestation for Israel, where they held speeches and sang songs. This was a good test to determine the extent of Islamisation in Malmö. It did not take long before crowds of individuals from the Middle East and North Africa appeared and started to scream and fight. They threw eggs and shouted slogans which they share in common with neo-Nazis. Eventually things got so out of hand that it became a major challenge for the police force to handle. People were throwing flares, jumping on police cars, and trying to destroy public property. One realises that Sweden has effectively imported a conflict from a foreign region, and it is obvious which side was in the majority here — it was neither Swedes or any pro-Israeli group.

I personally do not take a stand with either side in the Israel-Palestine conflict. But to me it is clear that we have imported significant numbers of people who are Muslim, anti-Semitic and act as nothing less than a barbaric occupation force.

Malmö: Israel demo
Malmö, 2009. A pro-Israel demonstration faced some opposition.

However, what frightens me more is a completely different, annual demonstration that takes place in Malmö.

Every year Shia Muslims worldwide gather to celebrate the death of Imam Hussein, the grandchild of the prophet Muhammad. In Malmö this event now has taken over the city during the celebrations. For some reason we do not even hear about it in the mainstream media.

The manifestation itself is not aggressive or brutal in the same way as the demonstration that took place in 2009. The atmosphere of the event, however, sends chills down the spine. This demonstration is not a happy occasion. Nor is it a cry for recognition or justice for Muslims in Sweden. All of these demonstrations, on the contrary, are sheer manifestations of Muslim influence and power in Sweden. These Muslims, in their hundreds or maybe even thousands, march proudly and in straight lines, dominating the entire inner city. They all sing the same song, and the cars play the same loud music. There is something in this behaviour which shows that there is no intent whatsoever to respect, adapt to, or integrate into Swedish society. Rightly, according to Islamic law, men and women were separated during the last demonstration. The women walked in file after the men. Showing off the new, Eurabian population of the coming Europe, they were walking with many, many baby carriages. A manifestation like this shows us that tremendous changes to Europe.

Malmö: Celebration of Imam Hussein
Female participants in the yearly Malmö celebrations of Imam Hussein.

What does the future hold? A Swedish-Islamic Alliance

What have been revealed now are symptoms of the Eurabian disease. Crystal-clear signs such as these can be found outside Malmö in almost every major city in Sweden. One therefore wonders if the various examples of failure from my first essay, and the Muslim influence shown in this essay, are ever going to stop. The rest of the essay is dedicated to explaining why they will not.

Politically, there is an alliance or informal understanding between the established political parties and ‘Swedish’ Muslims. Several decades ago, Swedish politicians established a multicultural approach towards Swedish society and Swedish policy-making. During the last two decades this project has been moving at the speed of a train with malfunctioning brakes. Any attempts to stop this train, will cause a level of friction and pain that few individuals voluntarily want to take on. Given that I write anonymously, I must be one of these individuals too.

This is now a fact, as made evident by looking at the violence and harassment which has been mounted against any political organisation critical of mass immigration. In other words, criticising the Eurabian organism in Sweden will cause you to lose your career and social status, and perhaps even get you severely injured.

Malmö: Mona Sahlin
Former leader of the Social Democrats, Mona Sahlin, patting the Islamic Dog

For that reason, the established career politicians have two choices. They can either commit career suicide, which is unlikely, given their gold medal awards from sticking-your-head-in-the-sand championships. They are at the same time repeatedly told by the media that what they are doing is right, which also is a troubling fact one must consider. So, judging by the politically correct climate, and with the high number of Muslims in Sweden, there is only one choice for these hypocrites. This is to conclude an alliance between the political parties and Sweden’s Muslim population. They have to maintain their policies which give Muslims the freedom to establish organisations and engage in Muslim activities. In other words, they have to behave nicely to not upset the poor and oppressed Muslims. This is evidenced by the good relationship between each political party (except for the Sweden Democrats) and the country’s Muslims.

Malmö: Fredrik Reinfeldt
Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt visits leaders of Swedish Muslim organisations and lobby groups

This alliance exists both formally and informally. Formally, Swedish politicians have good contact with organisations such as the Islamic Union in Sweden, and the United Islamic Associations of Sweden. They do this primarily for two reasons. In the short-term perspective, they make sure of avoiding career suicide. In the long-term perspective, they make sure of appeasing a growing number of voters, whom they have imported, to ensure success in future elections.

This is, however, a mutual relationship. The reason is that the Muslims themselves need the politically correct parties in order to live in Sweden the same way they did in their homelands. To avoid losing funding of their mosques and religious organisations Muslims need to vote for these parties. They otherwise also risk seeing the conservative Sweden Democrats and other ‘right-wing extremists’ push through policies which threaten their Eurabian lifestyle.

The Muslims have, in other words, gained too much influence to be ignored. They have representatives in established parties. The conservative party Moderaterna even has an elected Islamist, Abdirisak Waberi, within the Swedish government. This shows us roughly in which direction Sweden (the future Northern Caliphate) is heading.

The Only Conclusion to Be Drawn

There is thus a vicious circle which is difficult to break here. This is a critical challenge to anyone who wants to stop the Islamisation of Sweden. The demographic characteristics of the problem makes it difficult to stop and resolve. The multicultural project has, in terms of numbers of immigrants, extended so far that Islamisation will be a slow but irreversible process. Out of Sweden’s small but growing population there are now Muslim minorities which will be majorities in certain areas and cities.

We are, in all honesty, accommodating and funding the occupation of our own country by foreign forces. It does not matter that some Muslims engage in anti-democratic activities and some Muslims do not — They, with their values, traditions and sheer numbers, together become a Trojan horse, brought in by our cheering politically correct hypocrites.

What we are witnessing is a vile political establishment that accommodates and supports the establishment of Islam within Sweden. These politicians, coupled with continued mass-immigration of Muslims, will ensure that the process seen in Malmö will spread to elsewhere in Sweden like a fire. Wait and see if I am wrong: in thirty or forty years, Sweden will have an immigrant and Muslim population which will turn society upside down. We allowed this to happen, both in ignorance and with all the knowledge one needs. Malmö as a city, thus, serves us as a good example of what the Swedish establishment has in store for its people in Sweden as a whole in the coming oriental and exciting future.

So will we take a stand to save the rest of Sweden or any of her neighbours before it is entirely too late?


Anonymous said...

Excellent article.

Is this article being read by Swedes? Is it having any effect in the Swedish media?

Bob Smith

Anonymous said...

The only way to save Sweden and the West is to make the political and media caste traitors fall. Only then will the house of cards come crumbling down. This has to be done as soon as possible, while there's some numerical advantage. With it, career politicians more atuned to the western sensibilities would comprehend that it will not be in their favor to betray the ethnic european electorates in any way.
We must take to the streets en masse everyday to show we are here and you better start paying attention to us, or you will be swept away as a political class, along with your prop-media and hostile invader buddies.

Anonymous said...

Swedes= turkeys voting for Christmas.

David said...

Very sad for sweden and it's people. A comment: You should support israel against islam, which has attacked the jews there since the 1800's. The palestinians deserve the least sympathy of all the many displaced peopes of the 20th century. Someday, the US will need to fight again to save europe. Will we side with the indigenous freedom fighters? Or will an America blinded by moral inversion fight to save the persecuted moslem "minorities" from the new "nazis". Every horrible irony from history will be evident in the creation of eurabia and it's ultimate resolution.

Anonymous said...

The author seems to be unable or unwilling to make judgements about the Arab/Israeli conflict. Why does the author concede that making an alliance with the Muslims is the ONLY acceptable political stance? How awful! Sweden was a country I respected and liked. I can do neither now that they have chosen the path of stupidity and cowardice. What a combination! No bright future for Sweden.

PMP said...

I think of this quite often. But, because I oppose Islamisation and much of the Muslim world, does not necessarily mean I have to support Israel blind-heartedly. A reason for this, is likely earlier meetings with Jewish individuals who questioned why it was ME who supported Israel. That they did not, completely blew my mind at the time. So I have done research on Israel in general, and find that I do not support some of the things they have been doing, and are doing. I suppose I find it very difficult to just sit back and take a stance without carefully examining it. Whilst I am not a big fan of Hamas or Muslims in general, I for example do not think that creating a ´new Holocaust´ on Palestinians is an acceptable method either. I believe that even our enemies, should be treated with humanity in dignity - These are Values that represents Western moral values and sets us apart from Islamic values. We should not sink to their levels of reasoning.

I hope that USA will stand up for the indigenous peoples of Europe too. I fear, however, that Europe will more resemble USA (ethnically), than what used to be Europe, in two or three decades. But the Struggle continues...

Anonymous 5:
It is not me who has conceded that it is so. It has simply become too dangerous for Politicians to not ally themselves with Muslims. I would love to see the established parties ally themselves with the Sweden Democratcs and start criticising Muslim behaviour in Sweden. Has this happened? H*ll no.
Will it happen? Maybe, if normal Swedes wake up.

Sweden still has a lot of decent people. That the Sweden Democrats gained entry into Parliament is evidence of that.

Anonymous said...

' Someday the US will need to fight again to save Europe'. What planet are you on, the US will be Islamic
within a century and will never a]
be needed in Europe or b]be capable
of sorting out Europe without starting a full-scale nuclear war.
When Europe is Eurabia and the US is
Ameristan there would be no reason
for intervention. Start worrying about when Moslems get their hands on
the biggest nuclear arsenal around.

Anonymous said...

My son wants us to have a trip to Stockholm. I am still in two minds. Would I be so surprised and disappointed at what I find compared to what I expected, as I was with Oslo; or should I go now whilst there is still something Swedish left about the place. Personally, I cannot ever see the silent Swedish majority doing anything but remain silent. As regards Swedish men, what has happened to them in the 1,000 plus years since Beowulf was written? Those involved were meant to be Swedish Vikings and Beowolf defeated the monster Grendel. Well, Swedes, here is your new monster Grendel, are you going to rise up and defeat her? I doubt it. I think that Sweden will be a pushover for Islam. Your national anthem speaks of the ancient and free north. Not for much longer, not for much longer.

Anonymous said...


Do go to Stockholm! It's a beautiful city, I have heard. Did you see The Wedding? Crown Princess Victoria's wedding was so wonderful. Every minute of it was broadast on Scandinavian TV channels, and you got to see a whole lot of Stockholm both from land, and water.

Do, however, make enough research to know exactly which areas to avoid. I would say the same thing about Oslo. There are still areas where you would have no idea of the multi-cult presence in the respective cities, unless you already knew.

This must also be why some don't mind the threat because they don't see it on a daily basis. They may only read and hear about it, and don't realize the extent of its actual presence.

Make sure to talk to people who know the city well enough to give you the trustworthy information.

Anonymous said...


There seems to be some misunderstanding here. French newspaper Nice Matin presents Emir Bajrami, a footballer Kosovar turned Swedish, as a "Viking", which sounds inaccurate to most, I guess

Anonymous said...

- Swedish legend

- Take note, Swedes!

"Blenda led the rural women of Värend in an attack on a pillaging Danish army and annihilated the invaders."

"The women approached the Danes and told them how much they were impressed with the Danish men. They invited the men to a banquet where they were provided with food and drink. After a long evening, the Danish warriors fell asleep and the women killed every single one of them with axes and staffs."

Taking into consideration equality and Scandinavian men becoming demasculinized...

Anonymous said...

To be honest, assimilation is just the same thing as Islamisation but slower. Both will result in the death of the West. Period.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that I express an unpopular opinion. But I am sure that islamisation of Sweden (and of the whole post-Christian world) is the result of dechristianisation. Christianity is the basis of identity of all European nations (except Albania). When Europeans lost faith and respect for their Christian tradition, they lost their raison d'être. A spiritual void has appeared which is sucking in Islam, as well as all sorts of alien spiritual teachings incompatible with traditional European values, culture and institutions. The only alternative to this alien and often destructive spirituality that modern Europe can offer is a meaningless existence consisting in pursuit of animal pleasures. Nothing great or enduring can be built on such a shaky foundation.

Anonymous said...

To Anon of 8/13. You are not at all expressing an unpopular opinion, just one which is not over-discussed. You are in fact correct that with the secularising of Western societies comes a void. The problem is that once a person decides that there is no after-life or god,there is no going back. I personally believe that a strong belief in our own people can and should replace the
outdated beliefs of the past.It works fo me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 8/13. If we all are going to die and disappear, why bother saving Western civilization? Let's live the short time we have the best we can and don't worry for the future because there is no future.

Will Sweden be Muslim in a 100 years? Who cares? We won't be here in 100 years. There's no need to toil oneself for something we will not see.

Muslims DO care. Muslims are able to do the extra mile for a future they won't see. They do it for their religion.

This is the problem in Europe. A society without religion is a society without defenses. Lack of religion is like HIV and Islam is an opportunistic infection.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for the preservation of European culture. But, without a meaning of transcendence, the vast majority of people won't give a damn about the future.

The belief in one's own people, who works for Anon 8/14, doesn't work for the vast majority of people in a secularized West. People only want to live as best as they can before death arrives.

Nationalism needs religion to succeed. I'm mostly an agnostic myself but I can see that. And this is why secular nationalism is doomed to failure. Not that I am happy about that (the previous piece about the Islamization of Malmö made me angry and depressed) but it is the ugly truth.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the eradication of Christianity as being too "restrictive" and spoiling our fun, coupled with mass immigration were the tools that Marxism was going to and has used to bring Europe to its knees.

Here in England, however, some of us are still meeting almost in secret like in Roman times to pray together. I have a theory that the second coming may just be the re-christianisation of our continent. It is meant to come from Russia or Eastern Europe at least where the churches are still full as the area is now post-Marxist.

Whether Islam was another of their tools or is just doing their job for them by finishing off European Christian Civilisation is still unclear. By the way, on a trailer on the BBC about the situation about modern day Eastern European there was reference to the communist days when anybody who spoke out against communism would lose their job. Now for communism you can substitute multiculturalism but it is all Marxism, the one hard, the other soft and the English still don't realise what the Left have done to them.

Anonymous said...

Swedish appearance

- There is
no Swedish look, and probably never has been, says Swedish Professor in Criminology

According to antiracist behaviour, the Swedes ought to feel hurt, but they must not be heard, nor seen

What kind of denial is this? The Swedes are a species to be extinguished the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Family feud in Malmö Saturday night
200 gypsies fighting

The police found it necessary to block off the emergency unit at the hospital, to avoid further fights

Anonymous said...

@David said

" Someday, the US will need to fight again to save europe. Will we side with the indigenous freedom fighters? Or will an America blinded by moral inversion fight to save the persecuted moslem "minorities" from the new "nazis". Every horrible irony from history will be evident in the creation of eurabia and it's ultimate resolution."

This could be another answer to your questions, David

"We no longer come to the aid of Christians who are victims of atrocities"

"Obama is still accountable for the policies defined by his State Department. This is a major shift in our view of religious freedom, because Islam is no longer being regarded as a religion among others but as a privileged untouchable, while Christians are abandoned to the lion's den. "

"Obama's and Clinton's tactics mark a new low for America, a giant leap downward into perdition.

We no longer come to the aid of Christians who are victims of atrocities."

Anonymous said...

This is a subsidiary point, but I wonder if it doesn't illustrate some lacunae in the author's thinking -- not to mention the thinking of other Swedes. I can't help but wonder why the author feels the need to brings up the straw man of not thinking that a "new holocost" is the answer to the Palestinian problem. I mean who does?

The bottom (surely even a Swede can grasp this is) is that if the Palestinians would put down their weapons there would be peace. If the Israelis put down their weapons, there would be no more Israel.

Anonymous said...

Typo in the previous comment: I meant the bottome LINE of course.